Writer Tip!

Write drunk, edit sober.

-Earnest Hemingway.

*Commercial turns on in the background* Please drink responsibly. 

Ah, no.

I don’t think dear Earnest, earnestly meant for you to write drunk. What he meant was, when you write your first draft of anything, you should have no limits. Don’t worry about the grammar, the excessive wordiness or even the plain fact that there is no plot. Just let your creativity flow, like rushing rapids. 

When you fix it up later, then, you can worry about the whole grammatically correct way and the plot because, if writing was all work, why would we do it? exactly. There is a lot of work, but behind that is the storm of creativity that makes us end up with something we, and others, are proud of.

So, basically, write wild, write crazy, write like a lunatic. It doesn’t matter, because the best way to write, is to write unrestricted.



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