The Faerie Queen

The Faerie Queen by Samantha Landon (My poet pen-name)

Her silky ebony hair follows as she spins gracefully,
diamond clear tears stream from her honey brown eyes,
the twinkling faeries singing their hymns,
as soft snow falls from the white sky.

She dances to the sorrow of her mother’s passing,
the silver crown mounted upon her head,
and as tradition calls, the new queen is dancing,
the rubies embedded in her crown flash.

A traveler creeps forth, clad in furs and leather,
hidden behind a thicket of trees, he remains unseen to the faeries and their queen,
his face is worn and his hair as white as the weather,
but his eyes are not old enough to not see the translucent sheen of the dancing faerie’s wings.

He watches in awe as the queen’s sapphire gown billows as she dances,
her creamy white limbs spread out as she prances sorrowfully and he is reminded of an elegant swan,
the faeries sing their mournful song in a language unknown,
slowly, the traveler shifts on his feet and when the queen turns at the sound of a snapping twig, his heart skips a beat.

And for a split second, their eyes meet.


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