The Future

The Future by Samantha Landon

It’s undecided,
so hazy,
so divided,
and dim for the lazy.

It lures the successful in,
and keeps the lovers of the past out,
as stable as a tin,
as delicate as a flower.

Twisted in delicate patterns like a spider’s web,
so many dead-ends,
often, it’s what we ponder on as we lay in our beds,
tiny knots and bends.

Changeable to those who will not accept defeat,
irreversible to those who surrender to the hands of destiny,
there are moments where our hearts will skip a beat,
and others where we will sink peacefully.

Bittersweet fate,
unsure and ever changing with every move we make,
filled with love and hate,
as we peer into the muddled future, we are enchanted and overtaken with fear.


17 thoughts on “The Future

  1. You’ve written this beautifully. I agree, the future can be hazy and frightening for some. I’m thinking though, if we prepare well, we can handle whatever comes our way.

  2. You ought to publish your poems, at least those that are not very personal or private. Collect them all in a book for folks like me to fress them!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You’re are a highly talented poetess, Landon!

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