Artist Problem #1

Artist Problem #1


Queen of Hearts Tutorial

So, I mentioned that I was trying out a new style than from what I usually do and it worked pretty well for me so I thought maybe you guys could give it a go, too.

Step 1: 001
Draw a curved line in whichever way you want your queen to face and then draw a small chest (Don’t make it too large, we’re still drawing a teenage girl here). Then, draw a line that separates the front side of the chest and the back part where the arm is. At the top of the chest, draw a circle that is slightly larger than the lines that create the back part of the chest. After that, trace a line from the bottom of the chest and connect it to a circle.

Step 2:002
Next, draw a line from the circle and then when you are done, attach a small circle to it and draw another line that ends with a circle. Then, draw the curved shape of a shoe (I wouldn’t pay much attention to details if I were you).

Step 3:003
Repeat step 2, but make sure the leg is a little bit shorter.

Step 4: 004
It’s basically like the legs, but smaller (Also, don’t pay much attention to the hands and take your time).

Step 5: 005
From the circle we drew earlier, draw a line and then for the elbow, draw a small circle. Then, trace a line from the elbow, and down to the hip circle and then put another small circle to represent the hand. (If it isn’t the way you like it, it’s okay. This stuff takes practice and you can always use the eraser ๐Ÿ™‚ )

Step 6: 006
Using a ruler, draw two parallel lines (Make sure to draw them lightly) and draw to semi-circles to connect them.

Step 7: 007
From the tip of the chest top, draw a line (Make sure it isn’t too long or too short) and draw an egg-shaped circle that will be the outline of the head.

Step 8: 008
Next, draw two cup-like breasts (I’m really not good at drawing those parts of the body. I just feel like I’m invading their personal parts. Wow…I’m weirder than I thought O.o)

Step 9: 010
Okay, next, put some meat on those legs (And the waist) by using the circles to draw the outline for the legs.

Step 10: 011
Repeat step 9, but with the arms instead.

Step 11: 012
Okay, next, take a ruler and draw a light line down the middle of the face and two others that are where the eyes are going to be put.

Step 12: 013
After you’re done putting down the touches, erase the lines inside the limbs.

Step 13: 014
Dwar the outline of the skirt, but don’t pay too much attention to the details, we’re just getting the outline in, the small things come later.

Step 14: 015
When you draw the puffy sleeves, go ahead and draw over the arms and into the chest (Like with the left sleeve). We want to make it seem as legit as possible.

Step 15: 016
At the elbow, draw two, droopy sleeves.

Step 16: 017
Next, erase the parts of the body that are covered by the clothes and create the collar 018

Step 17: Now, put in a bit of details 019 020 023

Step 18: 024
After that, add a heart and some curvy stuff on the staff.

Step 19: 025
Draw the face now.

Step 20: 026
After that, draw the hands (I have a hand tutorial up).

Step 21: 027
A lot of tsunderes have pigtails for hairstyles and the queen of hearts is no different ๐Ÿ˜€

Step 22: 028
Now, add in the little details and finish the hands.

Here’s the final picture:


I royally suck. It’s official.
He was supposed to be blocking an attack, not poking his eyes out T_T
Anyways, I hope none of you Wolverine fans hate me for this, I swear I gave it my best shot. (This was a request from mrsjacoby19)

The Big Bad Wolf

fairy tale sketches 002

OH, NO! I forgot to add the ears! UGH. Well, anyway, did anyone notice the side view? This guy’s all like: ‘Haters gonna hate!’
Dude, this guy’s got swag and he can shape-shift, though, he’s not the best because Red Riding Hood could tell it wasn’t her grandmother that day. He’s a total flirt, especially with Red (Which Hunter really hates).